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GYMS-Group for Young MSers.

Note 2013: GYMS is no longer running, this historical information on GYMS is included here to inspire someone to start a similar group for young people in the future.

GYM our Group Mascot

A new Group for Young people with MS has been set-up in the Sheffield region. The aim of GYMS is to share experiences, provide support and enable Young People with MS to make informed choices about how they can best live with the condition.

If you are under 35 with MS and live in or around Sheffield you are welcome to join! Just email me to receive our bimonthly newsletter and notice about when and where we meet up!


GYMS (Group for Young MSers), was initiated by myself, and Adrienne Cox, an MS specialist nurse at the Royal Hallamshire hospital, in September 2000 following demands for such a group from many young people with MS in the Sheffield region!

When I heard about this need I decided to take on the task of helping to set-up such a group. Having lived with Multiple Sclerosis for over six years now, I have learnt many ways of stabilising my condition. Through my experiences, I have gone from being a 'MS victim' with MS wreaking havoc in my central nervous system and almost destroying me in the process, to reclaiming and getting my life back on track through the realisation that I didn't have to be this victim!

By changing my lifestyle (diet, nutrition, yoga etc) and attitude (positive thinking, meditation etc) I could actually take control over MS and start building and living my life once more. I am so grateful to be here, and be living such a functional life, that I am happy now to be able to give something back!

My main message to people with MS is:

Don't let yourself be a victim to this disease!!!

There really is so much you can do to help yourself!

Had I known what I know now about MS, I am sure my life with MS would have been a very different story (however I have no regrets. I love life too much!)


When Young People are diagnosed with MS it often comes as a devastating blow and in a blurred state of shock vital information about MS does not get passed on or taken in at this time. Often a young person may need time to deal with the the situation. They may or may not be even ready to contact the local MS Charities, and meet people with MS, see wheelchairs, incontinence and all there worst fears

This is where GYMS comes in, offering a point of contact for the young person without any pressure. They receive a positive and informative newsletter, which I produce, with important contact numbers and the latest information on drugs and Self-Help therapies. They can come along to a group meeting, or maybe would just like to find a pen-pal through the group.

The group is essentially for us to develop and do what we like with. We are working in conjunction with the Sheffield MS Society and MS Therapy Centre. We had our first meeting in early February, which was well attended and very positive. Next month we will be meeting up informally in a pub. We would like to organise other events such as a bowling night. We want to have a laugh, and we can talk about MS if we want to but we don't have to.

I am at present seeking further funding outside of the MS Society who have been kind enough to sponsor us (Thanks David Cobb- MS Society Chairman!). We are also looking to do some crazy fundraising exploits to raise money and raise awareness and already have some skydiving volunteers! It will be interesting to see how GYMS develops so watch this space!


Please note due to the age of these newsletters they are now held off-line, if you are interested in them please e-mail me at sylvia.m.wright@blueyonder.co.uk


Since June 2002 the way I run GYMS has changed. This is because I am now working directly for MS-UK (formerly the MSRC), on their newly launched web-page to be found at www.ms-uk.org so I no longer have the time to commit to doing a separate newsletter..

I also research and write for their fab MS magazine New Pathways, which every GYMS Member received a copy of in April! As I only have limited energy I am channelling most of it into this MSRC work rather than duplicating this work producing my own separate newsletter still. New Pathways is far more extensive anyway, well edited, and glossy to boot.

So for all the latest news about MS and ways to Take Control please subscribe to this magazine or visit the MS-UK Webpage (above). I am sure most of you have already!!! I am still sending out the local and Group News in newsletter format!

Thanks Folks


Mail: brown.websites@gmail.com?subject=Living with MS - GYMS

Feel Free to Email me!

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