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Due to my poor eyesight I can no longer read, thought I do listen to Audio Books, therefore this list of recommended books will includes fewer recently published, so have a look around yourself for more than these that helped me.

Spontaneous Healing- Andrew Weil-MD

Who said so?- Rachelle Breslow (a lady who recovered from pp ms!)

Allergies Disease in Disguise- Carolee Bateson-Koch DC ND

Feel the Fear and do it anyway - Susan Jeffers

From ms to Wellness- Betty Iams

Also Subscribe to her monthly email newsletter 'Journey to Wellness'

Beat Fatigue with Yoga- A Step by Step Guide, Fiona Agombar

The Healer Within- Roger Jahnke

Dangerously Healthy- Malcolm Birkenshaw:

Great book about Yorshireman Malcolm's life from the time of his diagnosis back in the early 70's, his refusal to believe that there was nothing he could do and the story of his search for ways of helping himself through trial and error, using dietary changes, nutrition, and lots of exercise involving many remarkable fundraising achievements!

-Multiple Sclerosis, The Self Help Guide. by Judy Graham, Published by Thorsons.

-An A-Z of Complementary Therapies for MS, by Judy Graham with Frances Pulling. Published by the MSRC (now MS-UK) This book is a little MS bible! You name the therapy and this book will inform you about it!

-Evening Primrose Oil, by Judy Graham, published by Thorsons.

-Multiple Sclerosis and Having A Baby. by Judy Graham, published by MS-UK (the MSRC) in England and by Healing Arts Press in the USA.

-The Final Surrender-A Journey to Wellness, by Jan Brumfitt.

This book documents Jan's long Recovery from ME and all that she learnt on her Journey to Wellness. Read this little book today and you will learn much about illness, health, healing. That the Final Surrender ultimately is to self-love.

Jan has become a great friend and is a very wise lady!

To get your hand on a copy (£2.50 + P&P):

Visit Jan's Webpage at: www.janbrumfitt.co.uk

You should be able to find most of these books first or second hand on Bookfinder.com, which searches other websites for books, similar sites also exist.

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