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I just wanted to say my final goodbye, to you my Steve, after all you did like a good buy at Tesco. I just thank you for everything he did for me for 22 years, stuck by me through thick and thick. I know I caused a lot of problems, but you saw me back from 5 stone 10 lbs to 8 and a half stone again, with the help of my brother. The way you did all that was amazing and I just want to thank you Steve.

Before I became more ill it was your love that gave me self-belief, it was that belief that was the key to everything. I always said to you…

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of times it takes your breath away.”

It’s true and you made it so for me many times with all the travelling to the places we went; what places we saw! Las Vegas and the Canyons was us at our best. The biggest challenge of Machu Picchu we did, as well as Easter Island, Galapagos, Mexico and Angel Falls where you proposed.

Then you built my room, so I could live at home again, though I didn’t want it at the time has been invaluable.

I love you Steve and I just wanted to say my final thanks, Steve.

Nobody can believe your gone, I only though it possible when near the end your sight went inexplicably in one eye and you were so ill with other problems too.

I know the chances of you hearing this are slim, but I’m putting it out there so you and others know how grateful I am.

Marcus is 16 now and he’s a fine young man, very thoughtful, caring, loving and cultured. He will be his own man in life. He knows his own mind. He’s currently doing his GCSE mocks, he’s getting top marks, I’m so proud of him.

A Final Letter

To Steve

Ta Ta Sweetheart

I’ve got a great care team, they’re solid gold to me, reliable.

Covid is still around, but I don’t know many people who have died from it, I’m glad you didn’t have to combat all that as well.

Naturally without your expertise we had to close FairPrice Mobility as it was you. We’re still sorting other things out as you left things unfinished as your life shouldn’t have finished.

Together, you and I had good times, a few not so good times but it’s all forgotten now as you did so much for me, it’s mind-blowing. You loved me, when we met, when I thought I was unlovable.

Something that would probably tickle your sense of humour, is that my neurologist has prescribed me a Cannabis based spray, not available from GPs, to help relax my muscles and help me be more relaxed. It works well in the low dose I have; but no, I’m not constantly stoned as you’d want to believe, I’m sure.

Ok ta ta then Sweetheart,

Love You Always.


22nd November 2021

More Memories:

I do of course have many more great memories of Steve than the few I have noted above, a great number of them are recorded within MY LIFE POEM and the following pages My Memories of Steve and Onto others memories of Steve

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