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Sally remembered by friends old and new

Sally in 2007

It was a privilege and great please to have known her, with her open and warmly welcoming personality. Premek and Jana, Czech Republic.

Sally was a wonderful person, whose friendship meant a great deal to me…. I will always treasure memories of playing music with Sally….. Or sitting there, drinking and discussing things. Sally was an intellectual powerhouse whose knowledge of music, art and literature (as well as languages) was extraordinary. She also cared about many important social issues. Maria Toner.

She has been such a good friend for a long time, always very supportive of the local carols and the projects that we did.  She was so kind and cheery, with a wonderful talent, and we feel privileged to have known her.  Norma and Ian Russell.

Meeting Sally was always a great pleasure and inspiring. We will keep her in the very best memories. Beate and Meinhard, Germany

A remarkable, talented and lovely lady. Martin Payne.

We had known her and she has been our friend for over 60 years. Sally was a kind person. Her Quaker upbringing, education and faith shone through. She had a strong commitment to peace in all it’s aspects… We will always recall her when we hear Percy Grainger’s Handel in the Strand played.  Adrain and Angela Lepper.

Sally was an interesting and inspiring person and will be sorely missed. Stuart and Chris Trickey.

Sally in 2018

We have two abiding memories…. Her regular walks down to the shops and her enjoying meeting our dog Kanchi as she did so. The second is her lovely sketches which she sent as Christmas cards. Alan and Julia Butler.

Sally and daughter, Sylvia

Sally was a very gifted, caring and gentle person and I enjoyed sharing a chat about things happening in the world and locally…. Linda and Michael Brown.

I met Sally at Weetwood Hall (Leeds University) when we shared a room in our first year, then again in the second year and a flat in my last year. I have very happy memories of those years.  Margaret and David Hill.

Sally and I were fellow students at Leeds Uni in the sixties. She and I made a trip to Czechoslovakia in the summer of 1966. It reminds me of pleasant times I spent with Sally and of her modest, quiet, but very engaged and studious character.   Rachel Parkins.

I have fond memories of your parents, from their visits to Orkney and us visiting them in Sheffield, they were always welcoming and kind. Angus and Helen Robson.

We remember Sally with so much affection as we look back on the happy days we were fortunate enough to have shared.  The Pyrah Family.

Sally, Czech Rep, 1966

Sally, Derbyshire, early 1980s,  with Sylvia and friends.

(Photograph from The Pyrahs)

(Photograph from Rachel Parkins)

I am Kim, Ted Holmes's daughter. I remember fondly Sally's generosity in putting Dad and me up on our trip to the UK a few years ago. Kim, Australia

Liz has many happy memories of Sally, including picking bilberries in your garden, Sally teaching her some Russian before a trip to St. Petersburg, and much, very enjoyable music-making. Liz and Laurence Coates

Sally and I were best friends at school, and it was so kind of her family to take me in when my parents moved away. After a week with Sally's family, I suddenly realized that I had not cried at all during that time.   Nomi, Canada

Sally was always cheerful and supportive of others, whether it was through music, her family, faith, or politics. She was a very talented teacher of Russian Literature and Language, which she spoke beautifully. She was always welcoming. Alan and Hazel Hayhurst.

It is fond memories of our childhood in Ipswich, and in Saffron Walden during out teens that come to mind most vividly. We always had enormous fun, whether playing a game called Hector on Gippeswyk Road or visiting medieval churches on our bikes in North-West Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

She was a member of the Boyce Chamber Orchestra I directed. I have happy memories of her playing with us and coming to our home for lunch before rehearsals and concerts. Peter and Joan Bear

Sally and grandson Marcus, 2007

Sally was a nice and interesting woman and I’m glad that I knew her. I will always remember her, especially climbing the hills outside Sheffield with her.  Ann Cathrin, Norway.

My sincere condolences for a very much loved grandma and mum, such a character. Sally Nicholls.

But she had a deeper kind of simplicity, a modesty, probity and fortitude; perhaps stemming from her Quaker background and her belief in peaceful and kind coexistence. In spite of academic achievements which were far from simple, she seemed to have chosen a quieter and more rewarding way of life….. Her legacy is an ethos of positivity and mutual caring.

My personal memories are varied: some funny like the repetition of Russian tounge-twisters to challenge us and Russian lessons in her sitting room…. .  Seeing her eagerness and ability to join in with any piece of music on her violin and of course her linguistic ability.  I am grateful to have known her.     Joyce Douglas

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Mum and Me Entwined 3

Over 50 years as neighbours, we shared much and have happy memories to look back on, from cats to concerts and local adventures ! Sue Leeson.

Sally seemed simple in so many ways - no fancy clothes, exotic holidays, sophisticated entertainment. She played music for the fun of it, not to please an audience. She trotted like a little elf through the countryside for the sheer joy of being outdoors in the natural world.