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Bladder Stone

Mum and Me Entwined Again

Mum and Me Entwined 3

Bladder Stone

A few years ago, I had a Bladder Stone,

Soon to over 5cm, it had grown,

I did not want them to operate,

Because at the time my health wasn’t great,

I didn’t want another pneumonia bout,

Because with my health there was such doubt,

I could tell the doctors didn’t want to operate,

So I left it alone, and left it to fate,

The doctors felt I was too weak,

To put me to sleep,

They weren’t sure I’d breathe again,

That I’d awaken to use my brain,

I decided against because the odds

Better alive than with the gods,

Eventually that turned into a mistake,

That is the turn fate did take,

For the bladder stone further from 5cm had grown

I really should not have left it alone

In the end leaving it was a mistake,

Because my catheters it continually did break,

The stone was getting in the way,

And for that I did surely pay

It caused my catheter to keep popping out,

The Bladder stone had a lot of clout,

The catheters coming out was a real pain,

I had to look at the operation again,

They said I was far too weak to put to sleep,

Awake they said they would have me, to keep

They said I could have an epidural in my spine,

And they hoped it would be fine,

I thought without the operation I would die,

For the following reasons is the why,

The problem was my Kidney kept getting infections,

That was the conclusion of doctors, inspections

It was a serious threat, getting re-infected,

Especially when the urine got mis-directed,

It got stuck and couldn’t come out into the bladder,

All this made me sadder and sadder,

I thought without the operation I would die,

I didn’t want it to be time to say goodbye

I plucked up my courage,

Fortunately, I had some left in storage,

For I wanted the operation risks and all,

So, this lady decided to lie tall,

I couldn’t cope with the catheter coming out every night

Leaving me an awful and smelly sight,

Every morning covered in what I had pissed,

To have the operation was a necessary risk,

They did operate, whilst I was awake,

But the anaesthetist lady was truly great,

I told her jokes and riddles through-out the entire time,

And I came through without any water and was fine,

Yes, I told her lots of jokes and riddles,

These made her laugh and have the giggles,

I went to hospital 6 times in 6 months,

Plenty more times than just the once,

6 months, 6 times and I survived,

I kept coming out somehow alive,

And then on top of it all I overdosed on water,

And in doing so myself I nearly slaughtered

Because my sodium in my blood got too low,

I ended up in a coma for 3 days, and I didn’t know,

I really had lost the plot,

Even over that I have got,

My life still is a daily struggle,

Through it I still do muddle

As I do, I can be a pain,

In my carers lives I can be a bane,

But I’ve got great carers, who are good to me,

And on the whole, I’m very happy

In the past I’ve had pneumonia and septicaemia many times,

But somehow, I’ve always survived and ended up fine,

I think all the time I have to burp,

And it can drive my carers berserk,

But they are very loyal to me,

For that I am lucky, definitely,

My carers are called, Tiger, Caroline, Yvonne and Claire,

They stay even though I can be a nightmare.

Sylvie Wright

March 2020

The Surgeon working on my Bladder stone!

Mum and Me Entwined Again

My mum is 79,

until recently her fitness was fine,

Now she’s got a problem with her short-term memory,

For this sadly there is no remedy,

But my mum shouldn’t feel too blue,

Because she’s got a son called Matthew

So actually, she has got a memory,

There is a,       remedy,

He looks after all the time,

She needn’t have too troubled a mind,

Even though she often feels confused

And maybe even a little bemused,

She knows she’s lucky to have such a son,

She’s proud of him, that she is his mum

So mum may feel muddled,

But she really shouldn’t feel troubled,

They live at The Fairway,

Where he looks after her night and day,

My mum calls herself Silly Sally

Whilst she lives above the Rivelin Valley,

But I don’t agree that she’s silly,

She just lives somewhere that is hilly,

She feels silly and stupid but she isn’t,

I’ll prove it, now just listen,

Mum and me are the same,

Due to damage in our brain,

Maybe we feel silly and rather thick,

And think it’s not nice living with it,

Maybe me and mum feel a bit insane,

But we’re not, we’re just entwined again.

Sylvie Wright

March 2020

Above: Grandma and me ?

Unfortunately Not

But (below) Grandma spots a sneak thief a sneak thief at the hospital

Not me honest guv.

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Mum and Me Entwined 3

Mum and me are entwined again,

Due to our problem in the brain,

That’s where the problem is stewing,

It makes her say “What am I doing?”

Why does she say this? Let me explain,

Why we’re truly entwined again,

She’s got Alzheimer’s. I’ve got MS,

This causes us both a lot of stress,

Mum used to walk at home using the wall,

I was so afraid she would fall, fall, fall,

I never told her this on the phone,

But now she’s not walking on her own,

And she often uses a wheelchair,

So, I no longer have to feel the scare,

I also use a wheelchair,

Once again making us similar,

I have a wheelchair accessible car,

So can travel distances short or far,

Mum uses it too, now and then,

So, we’re similar, yet again,

I think the damage to our brain,

May make us feel a little insane,

We’re both now by others fed,

Mum in a chair, me in a bed,

This poem is not completed but its course is run,

As Grandma has left us for other fun,

Grandma has passed on to pastures anew,

To re-join family as we bid her adieu,

She’s now with Dennis, Steve and many more,

People who have also left this shore,

I truly miss her, it will always be so,

We’re still entwined, even though she did go.

Sylvie Wright

December 2022

This Page is dedicated to Grandma

Sally Brown

14.1.1941 - 20.7.2022

I’ll love you forever.