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You got here because you

are an official

MSer with Attitude!

Welcome to {{{MS with Attitude}}}

We are a group of people with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (after all what does that label really mean?) who are not prepared to sit around waiting for a cure (who has time for that???).

What we have in common:

  • We view MS as a Challenge, and possibly the Greatest Teacher of our Lives.

  • We believe in Triumphing Over Adversity.

  • We are prepared to face MS head-on and Take Action to stabilise our MS right here and right now and promote Recovery.

  • We believe that Recovery is Totally Possible and the sooner you start searching and learning the better your chances!

  • We consider every case of MS to be different, so it is up to YOU the individual to embark on your own Personal Journey to Wellness with the full support of our Group.

  • Our Philosophy is "Whatever works for you", don't knock it till you have tried it, be that MS drugs, diet, nutrition, positive thinking, or a multitude of alternative therapies. It all starts with the Right Attitude.

  • Above all, we are people who want to get on and Live Life to the Full no matter what hurdle MS may set in our way.
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