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The Attitude

What is the Attitude?

When diagnosed with an illness such as Multiple Sclerosis the Attitude you take towards your illness is crucial! You have been dealt the card of MS, that can't be changed, but it is still entirely up to you how you choose to play it!

You can play the Victim...

Forget it. The Doctor's can't help me...Life's Over!

I Give Up!

It's not fair!

I can't cope!

I'm not interested in a life with MS!

I want my old life back!

Why me!!!

Or you can play the Victor...

MS has happened, it's real, it's here in my life right now and it's taking control. But do you know what, I'm not going to let it! I'm going to face it head-on and do whatever it takes to reclaim control over my life!

I mean business MS!

.....You decide!

Choosing to play the victim is the easy path. Choosing to do your best to be victorious over MS takes great mental strength, stubbornness, determination and endurance. You have to Accept MS and take a long-term view in finding the best ways to live with it.

Because there are no two cases of MS which are the same, this will be your own very individual Journey towards Wellness. There are no sure-fire guarantees, all you have to do is your best, search learn and do whatever it takes. Rest assured many others out there have taken this Journey and succeeded in stabilising MS, succeeded in slowing down the progression of their MS, succeeded in preventing relapses, succeeded in keeping MS at bay. Many have even done better than that an fully Recovered.

Remember the only failure is not trying!

Getting this Attitude right is the first step on your Journey so you are already well on your way!

Good Luck!!!

Be lucky!

Sylvia Wright, Sheffield,

MS with Attitude UK.

Email: sylvia.m.wright@blueyonder.co.uk

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